From the Garden


All-Natural, Handcrafted Bath and Body Products



Sugar Scrubs


Sugar scrubs From the Garden moisturize and exfoliate the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth without the use of chemicals.  It's especially good for the feet and heals but is designed for the entire body.  The handmade process for making all-natural sugar scrubs From the Garden creates only the following by-products:  fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice!  There are no added preservatives, colors, detergents, foaming agents or thickening agents.





All-natural handcrafted soaps From the Garden are designed to complement the sugar scrubs and bathing beauties.  They are made using oils specifically chosen for their gentle cleansing and conditioning properties.  There are no added detergents, colorants or foaming agents. You will love the natural luxurious creamy lather and amazing aroma.  




Solid Lotion Sticks


All-natural solid lotion sticks are made with highly moisturizing butters and oils.  The solid sticks offer mess free application and easy on-the-go portability for purse or pocket.  It quickly and easily absorbs leaving skin feeling naturally soft and supple.


Lip Balms


These lip balms are made with the same luxurious, moisturizing butters and oils as the lotion sticks but packaged in smaller tubes for convenient application to the lips.  The essential oils offer a pleasing fragrance.